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External link icon not always shown after update to 7.x1.19 Drupal

Apr 19, 2018 After updating from extlink7.x1.18 to extlink7.x1.19 the external link icon did not show on all 7.x1.x: PHP 5.5 MySQL 5.5, D7 2 pass <p<a class=ext target=_blank rel= noopener


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The Spiders

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Anatomi Metodologi Penelitian Mudjia Rahardjo UIN Malang

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Add option to set target attribute. Open all links in single window

How can I open all external links in the same new window? Search for _blank in the file extlink.module replace it with a target name of your e.g., for I might use clientext as the target name, for I would use client2ext. . NONE of my current sites set any configuration options using settings.php.


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php Link title to external link instead of permalink Stack

What you should do, is insert the external link as a custom field in the post editor, then display the custom field value in place of the_permalink


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